Healthy Lives

In January 2018 I was commissioned by the Royal Society for Public Health and The Health Foundation to undertake a documentary photography campaign, illustrating whether the environment we live, restricts or enables us to live a healthy life. To my surprise, Chiltern District Council, where I live, is the healthiest local authority to live in England, accordingly to a Daily Mirror rating system.

However, despite this accolade, I discovered that there were growing disparities between groups in this apparently flourishing borough. The market town of Chesham is home to three of the most deprived areas in the area with a life expectancy difference of 9 years for men, and 6 years for women compared with the least deprived areas in the borough.

With the generous help of many community leaders, I was able to meet and document a diverse group of individuals and families who’s health and well-being was profoundly affected by their environment. Documenting these people was sometimes challenging but ultimately immensely rewarding, as I tried to challenge the stereotypes and gain a deeper understanding of their lives.