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Sunday: A Portrait of 21st Century England

Hardback: £30

Sundays evolve as we age; our childhood memories are often held dear and as adults, we associate Sunday with the chance to relax and switch off from work and the world.

However, the last few decades have seen a huge shift away from traditional churchgoing, while consumerism and digital culture have changed the way we use our time. So what impact have these changes had on our ability to relax and be with ourselves? And how does the way we spend our leisure time reflect the nature of society in 21st century England?

After four years living and working abroad, Photographer Matt Writtle returned to England and noticed a distinct cultural shift: church attendance had continued to decline while Sunday trading legislation and the growth of the internet had contributed to faster-paced, 24/7 lifestyles, making it harder for people to switch off from work and the world.  It was this shift that inspired ‘Sunday’.

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Published by Matt Writtle Photographer

ISBN: 978-1-9997895-0-3

135 colour Photographs

Hardback 128 pages 295mm x 208mm x 20mm

Printed Litho at Gomer Press Ltd, Llandysul, Wales, UK

Cover: Foil blocking on soft touch matte laminate

Endpapers: Wibalin Natural coloured paper

Book: 150gsm Arctic Matt