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Nationwide Launch – ‘Healthy Lives Photography Commission’

Posted by Matt on 6 November 2018

Today sees the launch of a national photography campaign which aims to change the way we think about health. The ‘Healthy Lives Photography Commission’ is a joint campaign by The Royal Society for Public Health and The Health Foundation that aims to broaden the way public and policy makers alike think about health and wellbeing. […]



Knives and celebratory vibes

Posted by Matt on 17 October 2018

Today sees the launch of my directorial debut with the film ‘Pagans’. Pagans [enemies] is a short film portraying the life of 19 year old Dianni Marriott, aka Dboy, and the world of youth violence surrounding him on the streets of Brixton, London.



Birth of a new season

Posted by Matt on 22 May 2018

Spring has finally sprung. The sun is out and the world seems a much brighter place after a long, long winter. With the’ Beast from the East’ banished, my celebratory mood was enhanced when I heard that my photograph of my pregnant wife, had won first prize in the ‘Birth’ category of the international ‘Documentary […]



‘Sunday: A Portrait of 21st Century England’ – A selection of media interviews and coverage from the book launch and exhibition

Posted by Matt on 5 December 2017



‘Sunday: A Portrait of 21st Century England’ – A selection of press clippings from the book launch and exhibition

Posted by Matt on



Sunday: Matt Writtle In Conversation with Hugo Rifkind

Posted by Matt on 17 October 2017

To celebrate the recent launch of Photographer Matt Writtle’s photobook and exhibition Sunday: A Portrait of 21st Century England acclaimed Times journalist, writer and broadcaster Hugo Rifkind will be interviewing Matt at his solo exhibition to discuss the project and Matt’s practice in more depth.



Sunday: The Creation of the Photobook with Matt Writtle and Ben Smith

Posted by Matt on

Photographer Matt Writtle invites fellow Photographer, A Small Voice podcast host and writer Ben Smith down to his exhibition Sunday: A Portrait of 21st Century England to discuss the practicalities of creating, funding, publishing and launching your own photobook and exhibition. Matt will reveal the finer intricacies of how his recent project which has spanned 10 years of work came to fruition.


The Allotment - from Sunday A Portrait of 21st Century England

Sunday Kick Off

Posted by Matt on 11 May 2017

Today I am very excited to launch the Kickstarter campaign to publish my photo book “Sunday: A Portrait of 21st Century England”. This project has been a labour of love for the last decade. I have travelled around the country with my camera documenting how people from all walks of life spend the Sabbath.


Angell Town

Tales of the unexpected

Posted by Matt on 5 April 2016

The longlist for The Orwell Prize for Exposing Social Evils was announced this month. I am thrilled that David Cohen (Campaigns Editor), Kiran Mensah (Photographer) and myself have been nominated for our work on the London Evening Standard Campaign ‘The Estate We’re In’.



Reflect and Rewind: A personal review of 2015

Posted by Matt on 15 December 2015

Two of my great passions are photography and music. A major reason for this is that both act as emotional time machines – when you hear a song it can immediately transport you back to a time and a place long forgotten. The beauty of photography is that it is also a visual time machine that literally freezes time and preserves that moment for eternity. With that in mind, I started reflecting on the year that’s passed and thought it would be an absorbing exercise to review my photographs and compile my favourites of 2015. These are not necessarily commissioned or published images, or the most aesthetically pleasing, (those can be viewed on my website), but ones that are special to me.



Telling stories

Posted by Matt on 20 October 2015

This is my favourite time of the year. I know that some people sink into melancholy as the summer slips away but I always feel invigorated. The chill in the air, the subtle change in light and mood bring with them a shiver of excitement. A new season is here with all its promise and that is inspiring!


Capturing Labour’s London glory, elsewhere a different story

Posted by Matt on 19 May 2015

A blue dawn The shock has finally subsided. Whatever your political allegiance, the election results on May 7th surprised everyone. ‘If the exit polls are right, I will publicly eat my hat…’ declared former Liberal Democrat leader Paddy Ashdown. Words he would later regret. While the colour blue began to creep across the country, London […]


New Labour of love

New Labour of Love

Posted by Matt on 14 April 2015

My first big assignment in London was to capture an ‘under siege’ Alastair Campbell near his home. Labour’s notorious spin doctor had just resigned from Tony Blair’s government and was hot news. A pack of jostling photographers were all battling for the best shot. However, having fought with one of the biggest packs in media in Hong Kong for the previous two years, I was not going to be intimidated and thrust my camera forward to get the best photo I could. The door slammed and Alastair and his wife were gone. My phone rang immediately, “You seemed to handle yourself pretty well there. Wanna work tomorrow?” came the Press Association picture editor’s voice, (he’d been watching live on Sky News). That was it, my career in London had begun!


Two Marks to my name

Two Marks to my name

Posted by Matt on 24 February 2015

Do you remember ‘Our Friends in the North’? Back in 1996, this superb series charted the lives and loves of four friends over forty years. It featured the very talented but relatively unknown actors Daniel Craig, Gina McKee, Christopher Eccleston and Mark Strong. I fell in love with this drama, so when the London Evening Standard […]


Portraits for Posterity

Portraits for Posterity

Posted by Matt on 27 January 2015

Today is a day for reflection. Holocaust Memorial Day is a time to remember people who have died or whose lives have been changed beyond recognition during the Holocaust, Nazi Persecution and in subsequent genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur. This day means a lot to me, as I have been involved in documenting those who have survived the Holocaust. In […]




Posted by Matt on 19 November 2014

#fivedayblackandwhitechallenge DAY 1: My friend Paul Miller has nominated me for this challenge and I was going to go out and shoot especially for it, which I thought was the idea, right? But like everyone else I’m going archival. This image was taken as pat of a story I did in 2003 on the future of Welsh […]


Kevin Peterson

The Book Stops Here

Posted by Matt on 28 October 2014

A Tall Order “You’ve got 5 minutes with Kevin” Was this short window going to be enough time with one of crickets most notorious sportsmen Kevin Peterson? Obviously a busy man, he was at the Olympic Park to promote his new book ‘KP, The Autobiography’. This was his chance to share his side of the story after […]



Still Moving: as Busy as a Bee

Posted by Matt on 18 September 2014

Well the summer is almost fading but what a beautiful summer it has been. Not only am I still in the glow of being recently married, work has been encouraging busy, especially for August, maybe the green shoots are finally upon us. Amongst all this I found time to enter a short film I made […]


David Haye


Posted by Matt on 12 June 2014

My regular work for the London Evening Standard features department always provides a good source of portraits and features. I was given five minutes with former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion David Haye recently. A rather misunderstood character who wanted to open up his personality to the public in a ‘warts and all’ interview with journalist Ian Stafford […]



Exploring Camera Techniques in Ethiopia

Posted by Matt on 5 June 2014

I have been travelling around the world with the charity EveryChild for the past eight years. Africa has always been one of my favourite destinations, but I’d never been to Ethiopia. EveryChild has been working with their partner there for over 15 years and had successfully implemented projects enabling their partner to continue unaided, so […]


Andrea Riseborough

The Rise of Andrea

Posted by Matt on 7 March 2014

This was the second time I photographed Andrea Riseborough and like the first, she was as friendly and accommodating. This was shortly before she was voted Best Actress at the prestigious London Evening Standard Film Awards for her portrayal of failed IRA terrorist turned informer in Shadow Dancer. For the full article Proof that Polly […]